About Estella Ramirez


Hi there!

I write. I have an MFA in Creative Writing. Though I write about feminist-friendly fandoms for fun, I adapt my voice and style to the task at hand and to the intended audience. I provide a variety of writing and editing services.

I teach. I am a writing coach and academic tutor. I also facilitate poetry workshops. My goal is to incorporate new approaches to accommodate each new student that comes along, and to always be a student myself.

I sing. It’s my most raw, most vulnerable creative outlet. In my spare time, I sing with Angel City Chorale, a choir over one hundred strong, that reaches out to its community and boasts an audience of thousands.

I’ve been vegan for over 10 years now, so that decision is an integral part of everything I do: what make-up I use, what clothes I wear, and what food I eat. I choose cruelty-free products, but I tend to choose local, whole, and organic foods, too.

I love running and won my age group at a 5K once. I’m always hungry for a new PR. For the past three years, I’ve run a yearly half-marathon…for Halloween…in costume.

If you’re reading this page, maybe you know me, or saw my profile somewhere or heard my songs. Maybe you want to know when I’m going to play next, or have a CD out. Maybe you need my writing help or your child needs some homework help. Maybe you’re just curious about what I’ve been up to. I hope that this space will give you some answers.